Some of these links are affiliates and some are just the best option

My most used software in all podcast production – editing from a transcript changed my life. They are constantly innovating and listening to their users and implementing changes and upgrades. I replaced my web-based audiogram program with Descript based on their recent updates, and they are rolling out video-based updates constantly. Video is the future and audio isn’t enough, and descript makes that easy!

For podcast hosting, I use – they have excellent analytics, great SEO optimized webpages, fast embed players and allow unlimited podcasts and private podcasts all in the intro level package! Their service is also top notch. Their innovative features will shave HOURS off your podcast production for just a fraction of the cost of other platforms.

Easily upgrade your camera on your computer, using your phone – with Camo! Mac users with OS Ventura or higher can use a feature called Continuity Cam, but if you have a PC, Camo is for you! I am so impressed with the quality and ease of this software for such an affordable price.

Recording your video and podcast in one place, with an easy way to connect to your guests, AND very cool exports especially for reels and social media take so much guesswork out of podcast recording and guest management, as well as solves the “bad zoom” audio issue.

Community is definitely the future of learning and connection. A course is not enough! I have configured courses inside of countless platforms and something always felt like it was lacking. I love Circle, their community is tremendously supportive, and their software is always improving.

Distilling a video or audio recording into written word is a real task! It takes so much time and energy. Castmagic is one of the best of the AI tools I have used to get timestamps, potential show titles, summaries, even whole emails from your transcript. They have a fantastic deal where if you use your descript transcript, you get to use half the transcription minutes. You will love it.

Just Marketing™ Weekly Social Content membership
Coming up with what to post every day can be really overwhelming. This $10 a month membership has a post suggestion for every day of the week, often with a customizable canva template. Meg’s helpful emails are one of my favourite things to wake up to on Monday morning. This super affordable membership is the cure for “what to postitis”.

Are you a freelancer, struggling to cobble together the tools you need to run your business? Invoicing, contracts, time tracking, project management, portfolios, and more are all tools Indy takes care of for you. I have tried ALL the things, from Dubsado, Quickbooks Online, Docusign, Honeybook, and probably some I have now thankfully forgot, and was able to finally find everything I needed with indy. Their generous free package is enough to get you stated, and at $9 a month, they can’t be beat compared to the other platforms. I have been with them for over a year and have no intention to look for another solution.

My go-to for project management – I love Clickup because it’s tremendously powerful, easy to share spaces with clients, highly customizable templates, AND unlimited storage space!

Everything needs a domain! Namecheap has competitive pricing, good service, and a no-nonsense checkout. They also provide very low-cost imap email if you need that in a pinch!

The best “free to start” email marketing platform. The emails look great, the integration works, and the landing pages are also pretty nice. I love their free level and even at $9 for their paid level, we have been able to do so much with their landing pages and automations.