Learn Podcasting LIVE!

Join me as I teach you everything I know about launching podcasts and YouTube channels as you work alongside me as I launch my own podcast!

You get all the recordings and can mirror me as we go and ask me any questions you have.

This includes:
My tried and true workflows
Amazing shortcuts
Insider information on what equipment you need
The best software
How to leverage the NEWEST methods for making editing easy. (easily removing filler words like “like” with one click! Using a transcript! and more!)
…..Even if you have never edited before in your life!

I’ll even share my checklists with you to make sure you have everything you need.

Podcast management is the service that helped me quit my corporate day job, my clients reliably pay me month after month.

My list asked me “Jennifer why are you selling the secret sauce? Why teach other people how to do your whole business?”

There are ENDLESS opportunities for podcasts clients. There are so many people that listen to podcasts, and own businesses, and they don’t even realize that they could have a podcast of their own. Some of my clients are local to me and I leveraged my local women in business Facebook group to find those clients. There is no way I can help everyone that wants a podcast!

My plan is to create a program so when I get asked “how do you do that” I can easily provide the answer! I am doing this live for $300 over the course of a few calls and will include the replays and a pop up facebook group. I set up a calendly link but if the time is bad for you let me now and we can find a better time that suits everyone.

This offer is only going to be offered one time (until it needs to be updated!) I’m looking to get started August 17th and already have a few people attending!

Send me a question – ask a question below, I am happy to answer them all!